Toro Y Moi

I rarely find an album these days, that enjoy completely.
Toro Y Moi’s latest album „Outer Space“ is pure fun from start to finish with some super funky baselines, hot grooves and moody downtempo tracks.
10 songs, 30 minutes, and the all over again.

Free Solo

This movie is just insane. Go watch it, gorgeous images, nerve wracking thrill ride.

Corporate Mixology

So here’s a mixtape for bars, restaurants, hotels, shops or whatever you like. It features some nice Deep & Disco-ish house tunes that should fit well in modern concepts.
And while other mixsets are usually too short, this one is running almost 3 and a half hours. It’s availabe for streaming and download at Hear This or Mixcloud (stream only).

Armani White

I find it really hard to get in touch with today’s HipHop, or maybe I just don’t get it anymore (yes, I’m nostalgic). So let’s appreciate the rare occasion of a tune I like.

The Expanse

One of the best shows on Telly is now available in germany via Amazon Prime. Watch it!


Now that’s a smoove groove from Raveena

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I know I’m late on this, but recently I got a bit addicted to „Brooklyn Nine-Nine“ (in germany available on Netflix). Although Sitcoms are usually not my favorite TV genre, this one is hilarious. Obviously, since the show’s been created by Michael Schur, who’s also in charge of the equally great „The Good Place“. „Brooklyn Nine-Nine“ has all it takes: Great writing, it’s a bit silly and it has a charming ensemble. One of my favorite characters has to be Gina, masterly performed by Chelsea Peretti. Kind of annoying, a bit b*tchy, but mostly right in the end. See some of her great one-liners below…

Justin Jay

Touch Sensitive


Hot tune, great retro video.

RECORDER V.04 Mixtape

Maggie Rogers


Bandcamp / Buy Music Club

I’m a big fan of Bandcamp (who isn’t?), I discovered so many great music there over the years.
There’s now a website where you can create your own bandcamp charts. Here’s a list of my favorite purchases from the past:

A brief inquiry to online relationships

I can’t get enough of the latest campaign for The 1975s new album „A brief inquiry to online relationships“. I already raved about the brilliant single „Love it if we made it“ here. The Vinyl cover looks stunning and the whole poster campaign is just brilliant, monochrome black and white with lots of Helvetica porn. See it all on their Facebook page or on Instagram.

Ivan Fabra (Somethin’ Sanctified Remix)

Everything where Simon Mills from Bent is involved is worth mentioning.
You should also check out his latest album Harmonic Jigsaws Vol. 1 or his older work as Napoleon
and definitely Programmed to love by Bent, one of my alltime favorite albums.

Sharp Objects

After Big Little Lies the next winner series for director Jean-Marc Vallé.
Gripping, dark, visually stunning and with an amazing cast, lead by Amy Adams. So far one of this year’s best shows.



Steve Monite