The 1975

I haven’t really been into The 1975 so far, but then I stumbled on this.
Although their other output is great (love both albums and will definitely pick up their upcoming one),
most of their music is a Funk / 80s / Pop mash up made for the charts and big concert halls (and they are probably a teeny band).

But this one is an outstanding masterpiece, simply my favorite track in a long time.
I am listening to it since it’s release and still not getting tired of it.
These lyrics are killing me. Every line is a gut punch.
The vocal performance by Matthew Healy is amazing and deeply emotional.
This is a modern version of Billy Joel’s „We didn’t start the fire“ and I can’t understand why this didn’t get more attention.

And since Im a bit disspointed that they returned to their usual pop stuff afterwards I still like them, hopefully I can check them out on their next tour.
See for yourself in this great live show from London’s O2 arena from 2016